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 Chapter 2: The Start

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Master Scoop

Master Scoop

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Chapter 2: The Start Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2: The Start   Chapter 2: The Start Icon_minitimeWed Apr 06, 2011 7:28 pm

Umm well this one got a bit crazy to tell you the truth i used things from the show Yu-Gi-oh gx

So here it is

As i left the bathroom i entered this new world and i know it couldn't have been a joke because i saw the same alien thing that was in the mirror and they were walking. So I just started to walk around and then one of these alien guys came up and said "are you new here?" I said "Yes" softly. "Oh so come with me then." I went cause i didn't know what i was doing here in the first place and because they scared the living crap out of me. The alien led me this tall building and said "Go inside kid." When I opened the doors this old alien said "Ah yes, so it is you. Follow me if you please."

I went with him and he led me to a dark empty room. He said "Its ok were not gonna hurt you. We are known as Yubelions." I replied "Yubelions?" "Yes Yubelions, we are creatures that have powers that we use to protect the humans. A few of our Yubelions have noticed you, so I contacted you in one of your dreams" I replied "Oh ok, so what do you want with me?" He said "My name is Aon and Im one of the strongest Yubelions around. What we want with you is to make you a Yubelion, But not just any Yubelion, But before i tell you i must ask you some questions." He started the questions. "First of all do you want to become strong?" I replied "Yes but not just to make people not mess around me i just want to get stronger cause it would be better for me." He said "Ok, Do you think Monsters and Aliens should die just for being taken off of the wrong path?" I said "No the should be freed from the path of evil sorta like being purified." He then looked at me funny, he then said "No more questions, Now i will show your Yubelion." I said "Ok then." He took me to this sarcophagus and said "this will be your Yubelion. You must not show this Yubelion to anyone." I said "Fine i wont, whats is his name?" He said "This is the legendary Yubelion said to be the strongest, his name is Eon." I said "so why do i get to be his partner and not anyone else?" He replied "Because he thinks that people that have been lead to the path of evil should be purified, and most of us Yubelions believe that we should take a life of another just to keep the humans safe, also to be partnered up with a Yubelion you must have the same beliefs or think the sam way and in this case Eon is hard to find one fit to be with him." As Aon knocked on the sarcophagus it opened and Eon came out and he said "Hello nice to make your acquaintance" Aon told Eon "I found someone to be your partner" Eon said "Really?" in a great tone. Aon replied "Yes and he thinks just like you too" Eon said "Thats good" Aon told me "Now there are some things that happen when being fused with a Yubelion, 1st When a Yubelion thinks of something he or she will do it right away it doesn't matter what it is they will so it is your job to keep them focused. 2nd When you use your Yubelion powers your will become the opposite from what you could do as a human such as if you were slow when your a human you would be quick when in Yubelion form same as defense, strength but not intelligence luckily. Also when you are fight with someone for sparing or the real deal your able to bring up 5 characters from your imagination" I said "So that means if i wanted Maka and Soul from the Anime Soul Eater they would be right in front of me?" Aon said "Yes that is correct. But in your case it is different. You will have to figure that on your own though." I said "I'm ready to fuse with Eon now"
Aon then pulled out a Duel Disk and played a spell card known as Super Polymerization "Ok it has begun"

Then it seemed that me and Eon were transported to a place that showed our memories and then as there was a vortex his aura and mine clashed and as it was fusing two other aura left and before i knew it we were fused. When the fusing was done i asked "What were those two auras leaving during the fusion?" He said "Umm…. I saw that your courage was a bit to strong and so i separated it in two because if we kept it it could do us harm in the future. So when you need help you can call upon them." After that I said nothing and I was back at school.

To Be Continued….
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Chapter 2: The Start
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